Q: What exactly does an Owner's Project Manager do?

A:  An Owner's Project Manager (OPM) is there to manage and coordinate the entire process of design and construction.  An OPM brings hands on experience with all of the inner workings of a construction project.  The job of an OPM is to make life easier for the owner so that they can focus on their day to day operations.

Q: Why should I hire Pinck & Co.?

A:  Pinck & Co. works exclusively as an owner's project manager, which means that our staff is constantly focused on delivering projects for and working with owners.  We utilize a wealth of project experience - we have numerous registered design professionals and construction experts on staff - combined with industry standard practice, we deliver expert advice and implementation to owners.  

Perhaps our most valuable asset is our ability to save our clients money.  We understand the financial hurdles that arise during complex projects and have seen just about every issue arise, from unforeseen change-orders to fundraising challenges at critical moments.  We have the experience to take those issues and analyze them through our own lens, and always find ways to aid in the financial process. 

Q: What is your experience with public procurement?

A:  At Pinck & Co. we have a thorough knowledge of Commonwealth construction procurement laws, regulations, policies and procedures including Construction Management at Risk (CMaR) procurement that was authorized in the 2004 Construction Reform Law.  Municipalities now have a choice between traditional Design-Bid-Build procurement and CMaR.  

Our staff is well versed in Chapter 30, 149 and 149a laws and processes and will bring the benefit of our experience to any project.  Bid protests are a common occurrence even in the best-managed projects and we know how to expeditiously resolve them to minimize our clients’ exposure.

Q: What is your experience with Green building?

A: Pinck & Co has been a leader in sustainable development and a champion of smart implementation on all our projects. Whether or not LEED certification is a goal we believe that sustainable development is a critical component to managing your operating costs and creating a healthy indoor environment for all occupants.

Pinck has thorough knowledge and demonstrated experience with the selection of building systems and durable exterior and interior materials, especially pertaining to life-cycle cost.  We understand and articulate in clear terms the system and finish choices and how they will impact your maintenance, training and operating costs.