Our staff has been involved with many large transportation and civil infrastructure development projects including:


Central Artery / Tunnel Project - 'Big Dig' | Boston, MA
As Senior Manager for the largest public works transportation program in the United States, Jennifer Pinck designed, implemented and monitored programs to manage construction impacts during all phases of utility relocation, highway and tunnel construction.  Pinck & Co.'s Nancy Stack facilitated state/city agency and community participation for the design of streetscape, roadway signage, parkland and future developments associated with the project; she also administered design contracts as the Mass Highway Department's Authorized Representative.

Boston Harbor Project - MA Water Resources Authority | Boston, MA
Jennifer Pinck was a construction manager on the 10-year, $4 billion construction of the Deer Island sewage treatment plant.  She planned and procured infrastructure for the site to support 40 prime general contractors and managed all phases of planning, design, construction and program management on assigned projects to meet court-ordered milestones. She directed the activities of the Engineering and Construction Management consultants engaged in the day-to-day management of the project.

MBTA Green Line Extension Project | Boston, MA
Nancy Stack provided project and construction management work for the $1.4 billion Green Line Extension project, coordinating monitoring of compliance  with legislative mandates and environmental mitigation.  She also provided support to the MBTA Real Estate group in negotiations with municipal development agencies and worked with technical consultants for noise mitigation requirements.

Renovation / Station Upgrade  | Boston, MA
On behalf of the historic Arlington Street Church and its congregation, Pinck & Co. provided review and monitoring of the impact to the church’s foundation, structure, historic elements, and in particular the irreplaceable, historic stained glass Tiffany windows.  The project involved building vibration and groundwater monitoring, review of sequencing and logistics to ensure access to the church, and coordination related to utilities and other improvements.

I-Cubed Financing Initiative | Boston, MA
Pinck & Co. provided feasibility review services on behalf of Executive Office of Administration and Finance for large-scale development projects applying for funds from the Commonwealth’s I-Cubed financing initiative.  Pinck reviewed the construction costs for these significant projects including Quincy Center Urban Revitalization and Development Plan, Assembly Square in Somerville, and the Vertex Development on the Fan Pier in Boston’s Seaport District.

Bagram Air Base | Afghanistan
Pinck & Co.'s Michael Fitzgerald was the Officer in Charge for the U.S. Corps of Engineers for the $120 M Airfield Project Task Order for USACE AEN District at Bagram Air Base, managing six simultaneous projects including C-130 Hangar, Helo Hangar, 5KM Fuel Transfer Line, Taxiways, Strategic Ramp, Helicopter Ramp and Refueling Ramp.   The project was completed ahead of schedule despite several environmental and security challenges.